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Hi, on this page I will tell you something about myself and why I created this site.

Well first of all, my name is Chris, I live in a small village in the province of Groningen, located in The Netherlands. I am - at the time of writing - 33 years old and I like to create websites as a hobby of mine. Especially databases and presenting data from the database in a nice and clean way.

On the Dutch forum Luchtbuks.net I found a topic where someone started gathering Weihrauch serial numbers with the purpose of making a list so that other people could determine the date of their Weihrauch product(s).

As a former HW 95 Luxus owner, I took a bit of interest in that topic, because the Weihrauch that I owned (and sold to a friend, 4 years ago) was a nice and clean rifle, with deadly accuracy.

Then a couple of years later...actually, this year (2014 at the time of writing) I bought two other Weihrauch's (a HW97K and a HW30S) and I came in contact with the WOC - The Weihrauch Owners Club and I joined their forum as well. Soon I discovered a similar topic that was started over there to collect the Weihrauch serial numbers as well.

Then I got a week of vacation and I decided to merge those two data streams and put them in a database. Once that was in place, I created this website so that you, Weihrauch enthousiasts, Weihrauch owners, or just people that are curious about the Weihrauch brand, could see the contents of this database and also try and determine the year of manufacturing of your own Weihrauch product, as well as an opportunity to contribute yourself and add your own Weihrauch product to the database.

At the time of writing (2014-07-23), the count is almost 400 and I hope that this number will continue to grow and make the database more complete.

As of July 15th 2022, I have been busy dusting off this website and upgrade all the code from Bootstrap 3 to the latest Bootstrap (5.2), which took quite a bit of work, since there is a real difference between the 4 year old version and the new one. However, everything is shiny again.

I hope you enjoy your stay here on our mutual website.

Kind regards,
Chris van Meer

The picture above I like to call Father and Son. Representing my HW 97K as the father and my HW 30S as the son.

Personally owned Weihrauch products:

Serial number Model Caliber Year of production
833847 HW 50M/II .177 1981
1773526 HW 95 Luxus .22 2009
2017023 HW 97K .177 2014
2026546 HW 30S .177 2014
2034315 HW 98 .177 2014
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